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Steps toward a Fulfilling 2019

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

While you can come to the end of the year stronger and more accomplished than now at the beginning of the year, it will happen only by clear thinking and deep commitment.

Have you thought about December 31, 2019? I mean how you want to have changed by then, what you want to have accomplished, and the kind of relationships you want to have?

While you can come to the end of the year stronger and more accomplished than now at the beginning of the year, it will happen only by clear thinking and deep commitment. Here are my top seven steps toward a fulfilling 2019:


What do you look like , who are you, and what specifically have you accomplished by Dec 2019? Being able to describe this in clear terms is the imperative first step toward a truly meaningful 2019.


Why is it important to make these changes in yourself and achieve these accomplishments? For me, as a coach, I want to be a catalyst to help people change and capture their dreams. This ignites my passion and brings fulfillment in my life and relationships.


We all need help to one degree or another. We need insights we can’t see because of our blind spots, guidance when the path is not clear, encouragement for set backs, inspiration for motivation, and more. Every step of marked growth in my life I can associate with a person who was a catalyst in my life at that time. I continue to seek a coach for my journey. I have accomplished what I never would have without them. I am counting on the same for the future. The relationships in our lives determine our success more than any other factor, especially the relationship with Jesus Christ.


Growth is hard! It creates discomfort. It requires some measure of risk, new or honed skills, a change of the way we think and often the addition of a new kind relationship. As we embrace being uncomfortable and embrace uncertainty new doors will open before us. At some point we will realize we have changed into a better self and life is a greater adventure.


When faced with change and the uncertainty and discomfort that comes with it, we must force ourselves to take action in the midst of it. This develops resilience and resilience builds confidence. This yields a better quality of life. But the process is not often a straight line. It’s difficult. It can be messy and it may not happen as quickly as we like. The key is that we keep getting up every time we stumble or even fall. Ease is our greatest enemy, not the hard stuff.


If we fail to feed our minds, we think the same ways, hold the same limiting beliefs, experience the same emotional patterns and stay in the same ruts. No wonder the greater book of wisdom,scripture says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:1-2). For example, as Jim Rohm states, “Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to read, but more importantly, what’s your plan to read.” An early hour, say 5:30 to 6:30 for reading, thinking and decision making can yield great results. Think about how many hours that adds up to be across the year!


Health is the first wealth. Health is the one thing that opens all other doors for accomplishment. We must swim against the current of our culture that leads to obesity and disease, but the effort itself strengthens us and empowers us for a better quality of life and greater accomplishments.

2019 can be a defining year of growth and fulfillment, but it will come with a price. However, that price is much less than the price of failure to grow, become and accomplish. I pray for you the best year ever!

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