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Staying in the will of God amid the storm

Storms have a way of creating fear, fogging our thinking, and disrupting our norms. They often come unexpectedly and can be fierce. But - they can work for us as well. That’s what happened with Covid-19 and the collateral storms it started.

The experience of Jesus and His disciples in the storm on the Sea of Galilee is recited in Matthew 14:22-36. Their experience teaches us important principles on how to manage ourselves when storms come.

One is this: Jesus oversees our circumstances. Did Jesus know the storm was coming. He did. Did He send the disciples into the storm? He did! The text says, “He made them get onto the boat and go before Him”.

The disciples were in the storm because they were in the will of God. It was safer for them to be on the sea in the storm than on land with the crowd Jesus had just fed. Security is not found in our circumstances. It’s found in the will of God. 

Did Jesus know Covid-19 was coming? He did! Did he allow us to be in this storm? He did! It’s not about our circumstances - it’s about staying in the will of God in the midst of the circumstances. Whatever is happening in your life right now - Jesus is overseeing it all. Whether designed or allowed, Jesus is in control. 

Our group to Israel was there when Covid-19 began to shut down their country. Our flights were rescheduled and rerouted several times. However, our guide, speaking of Israel, said, “We have the virus, we don’t have the panic.” He was referring to the global panic that was spiraling out of control in the global news. One of our group members responded, “It doesn’t matter if we are here or at home, God is in control.” That conviction was held by our group, which brought special blessings during our last days in Israel.

The first principle we learned, as did the disciples during the storm - the Lord is present and in control. Here we find our peace and our security. Staying in the will of God amid the storm is should be our first commitment.

Five additional principles that we learn from the disciple’s journey through the storm can be heard in the message below.

The message was shared with Whispering Valley Church in Brentwood (Pastor Daniel Morris) by Zoom on May 24th. I hope it will encourage you.

GOOD NEWS - because of your faithful support to Global Missions 365, we were able to provide $9,500 to 12 partnerships in 7 countries and have another $2,000 to send out tomorrow to “fill in the gap” specific areas of unmet needs that our missionaries have expressed. Please visit our website to view our mission partners. These funds support mission work for children- an orphanage in the bush in the Congo, and one in Kenya, a children’s home in Florida, and a youth camp in Alaska.  It supports a church plant in Canada, a school in Argentina, ministry in the Amazon River basin, as well as the gospel to unreached tribes in Kenya, and to the hungry in parts of Africa. Wow, your influence is truly global.

We would love to tell you more about how we are “filling in the gap” for our missionary partnerships. Call, email, or text us so that we can expand on the wonderful ways God is working through Global Missions 365.

During this pandemic, your support means even more as we work to provide the gospel and care for the truly desperate. Thank you very much!

The Global Missions 365 Team is looking forward to the opportunity to re-focus as we get on the other side of Covid-19. Your prayer and involvement are so valued and appreciated. We are grateful. 

Strong, positive leadership is truly needed in every area of life, ministry, business, and government. My new book, CLARIFY, SIMPLIFY AMPLIFY: The Coach Approach to Living Your Dream, will be available soon. My hope is that it will bring a fresh word of hope to you along with tools to help you achieve your own dreams. I will keep you posted on the upcoming release date.

Here are a few Priority Prayer Requests:

· Eli whose father passed away recently. (AVM)

· Mango Rodriguez in Manaus whose mother died with Covid-19. (Amazon)

· Haller Orphanage in the Congo- two children passed away this last week.

· Word of Life – Argentina. Closed through the summer because of Covid-19.

· Jeff and Barbara Singerman quarantined in Johannesburg South Africa.

· Our Global Missions Team as we search for ways to strengthen this ministry for greater support of our mission partners.

We pray for you as a priority prayer commitment as well. Please let us know how we may be helpful to you, especially during this time. We send our love and prayer.

With love and appreciation,

One is this: Jesus oversees our circumstances. Did Jesus know the storm was coming?

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