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Global Missions 365

After the past three years of intense ministry, Ingrid and I are pleased to announce that GARY CRAWFORD LEADERSHIP GLOBAL is expanding. In the last 12 months, the Lord has opened several doors that have allowed for significant and influential leadership coaching in the Gainesville area while also leading several gifted volunteers to join our international missions team. We are excited to see God at work through this season of sustained growth. With additional resources and more opportunities to serve, we will now be able to focus our ministry efforts in two distinct areas: Christian leadership coaching and Global Missions.

To best fulfill our vision of sharing Christ’s love EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, and withEVERYONE, two separate organizations will now operate under our shared leadership. The ministry of GARY CRAWFORD LEADERSHIP will focus exclusively on Christian coaching and public speaking and GLOBAL MISSIONS 365 will focus exclusively on international evangelism. The GLOBAL MISSIONS 365 name reminds our co-laborers and our supporters, that sharing the love of Christ occurs 365 days of the year, across the globe, to every nation, tribe and tongue. To learn more and to stay connected to all the “Good News”, be sure to check out our new websites: ( and ( We are confident this new organizational structure will allow us to magnify our influence, with each arm of the ministry serving with greater intentionality and dedicated focus. All for His Glory.

Our commitment to God and our accountability to our donors remains unchanged, yet one important change is needed. Effective immediately, all financial support for international evangelism that was previously being sent to “Gary Crawford Leadership Global” should now be re-directed to “Global Missions 365”. Your doing so will complete our planned organizational transition while – most importantly - maintaining ministry continuity with all of our global ministry partners. As a reminder, all donations to GLOBAL MISSIONS 365 are non-profit charitable 501(c)3 donations.

So, won’t you join us in celebrating what the LORD has done and is doing in our ministry? We thank you

for your faithful giving.We understand that kingdom giving is not without challenges or sacrifice, but you cheerfully give under the Lord’s leadership so that He can bless others. Gary Crawford Leadership and the Global Missions 365 team is here to serve, to be messengers of the Good News, and to make disciples of all nations. Thank you for being a part of all that God is doing!

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