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A Spiritual Journey

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

I was excited. Not only did my wife Ingrid and I have the opportunity to lead a group of wonderful folks on a spiritual journey to Israel, I was also excited about making a dozen on-site video clips on leadership principles lifted from the relevant biblical passage. I was given caution that this might not be possible because of the pace of the itinerary and other logistical challenges. After much planning, we had chosen no less than 32 sites to visit. And we were fortunate to have a unique guide for our journey.


Challenges like impromptu script development, constant movement, crowds of people, changing weather and other variables were a daily constant. That said, working with an incredible videographer we not only made a dozen videos, we made 34 videos from 32 biblical sites.


These clips were not made in perfect conditions and a controlled environment. They are “on site” and “in the moment” videos.

These leadership principles address 30 different topics. They are spiritual and practical. They work in personal growth, ministry and business settings. I hope you will find them helpful in your journey toward growth and excellence. One will be posted each day beginning February 4th. If you find them helpful please share them with others in your area of influence.

Together we can encourage many others

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