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While we all have a purpose in life, most people are not living on purpose, never achieving their potential, personally or professionally. During times of chaos and uncertainty, a lack of purpose can become especially challenging as work and career move people in new and often unanticipated directions. 

My new book, Clarify, Simplify, Amplify, shares how to bring focus and stability to the sometimes rocky paths of work and life. This book is for both business professionals and those navigating life transitions. It offers practical insights that bring value to each individual's unique situation. It is a guide to greater understanding, clarity, and effectiveness.


What readers are already saying

“Gary Crawfordhas taught some solid, fundamental, and critical business ideas, that few business people know and even fewer actually apply The questions posed are really powerful, and I know that they could have a dramatic positive impact not only on a client's business but also in their life. This is a solid book that I know many people will find very valuable"

John Spence / Executive Educator, Business Consultant, Professional Speaker / Best Selling Author of Awesomely

 In Clarify Simplify Amplify, Dr. Crawford masterfully guides the reader through the eloquent journey of coaching. Each page is filled with practical, timeless wisdom to be applied in every aspect of life. Read this book with a pen and highlighter close by to capture all there is from this must read"

Tony Bridwell / SVP, Chief People Officer, Ryan LLC 

 Best Selling Author of The Maker Series


Love backs us into a corner. It asks for everything we have. And nowhere does love work more deeply than in marriage. Marriage is about exposure. It is about truth between two people, and it is about the opportunity to know and to be known. Sex is the handiwork of love and the tool of marriage. It is sacred ground, a gift filled with beauty, grace, and power. Song of Solomon demonstrates with beauty, reverence, and clarity the celebration of love, marriage, and sex.


Grief is both a process and a journey of hope. Dr. Crawford writes about grief and its power to hurt or to heal. This is his personal, transparent journey through the grief he experienced after losing his wife. It is written from the trenches, not from the pulpit, and the poignancy of the book is found in its realness and raw honesty.

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