Life on Mission

Dr. Gary Crawford * A leader who has helped inspire over 150 people to take up full time missionary/pastoral positions across the nation and around the world.


What does "Life on Mission" mean?


Just ask the GCL Global Team!


From the remote villages of the West Amazon Basin in Brazil to the depths of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Our team members scattered across the globe to partner with international missionaries, provide leadership training, teach financial campaign initiatives for an international university and offered medical, dental, educational and spiritual resources to many.

2015 lead us to Brazil, Romania, Congo, Benin, Spain, Italy.

Working in partnership with Amazon Vision Ministries (501c3), GCL Global serves as a subsidiary organization for leadership training in domestic and international mission work.  

Please prayerfully consider your tax deductible gift to help others who are in need.  You can give through the Donate button below or by mailing your donation to GCL Global at PO Box 685, Alachua, FL 32616-0685.

For more information on our missions partner, Amazon Vision Ministries (Read More)

Certified Coach for GLOBAL FOCUS organizational mission strategy development