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Coaching helps you live by design, not by default.

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There is increasing evidence that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom-line business performance. A study of Fortune 1000 companies using coaching showed these percentages of executives reported the following benefits from the coaching they received:

• An increase in productivity (by 53%)

• Increased customer service (by 39%)

• Increased retention of senior people (by 32%)

• Reduction in costs (by 23%)

• Increased bottom line profitability (by 22%)

The same survey reported that the individuals who received coaching saw improvement in:

• Working relationships with their direct reports

• Working relationships with their manager

• Team-building

• Reduction in conflict

• Business relationships with clients


Source: Manchester Review, 2001, Vol. 6, 1; and Executive Coaching - With Returns A CFO Could Love, Fortune Magazine, February 19, 2001.

Would you like to increase effectiveness, heighten productivity, improve relationships and enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment?


1. You will have a safe place. There is a trust and confidentiality created by the International Code of Ethics that allows you to be open and authentic.

2. You will receive objective feedback that enables you to see through ”blind spots” and gain clarity.

3. You will have a built in accountability that will empower focus and move you toward positive outcomes.

4 You will have a resource for additional creative ideas and an opportunity to explore implementation together.

5. You will have renewed energy that comes from greater clarity, alignment with your values, seeing new paradigms, and working from your strengths.

6. You will have a source of encouragement during the challenges of growth and be able to celebrate your successes.

7. You will experience the benefit of positive outcomes in all the key areas of your life.

The Uniqueness of Coaching

THERAPY typically deals with the past and emotional and relational healing. MENTORING is training a person to do what you are doing. CONSULTING focuses on specific problems or challenges and offers expert advice. COACHING deals with the present, helping you find answers within yourself and focusing on a preferred future. Google CEO Erik Schmidt on the value of coaching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVfeezxmYcA

Would you like to increase effectiveness, heighten productivity, improve relationships and enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment?

Consider Gary Crawford Leadership Coaching!

Here is what others have said:

  • Gary Crawford is a godly man with tremendous leadership skills. Coaches need a coach; having Gary as mine has been a tremendous value to me. His vast ministry experience, creative spiritual insight & ability to think strategically, yet practically, allows him to engage with clients at many levels. Every leader needs a “Dr. Gary Crawford” in their life. (Bob Durfey, Retired senior military officer & Executive Coach)

  • Gary has a rare gift of being able to listen empathetically while at the same time affirming and validating a person’s experience. Gary provided a lot of support and encouragement to me during a time of significant transition in my life. In only an hour, Gary helped me to gain clarity on what I wanted for the next phase of my life and helped me create a list of specific action steps to reach my goals. Gary truly has a special and unique gift for leading and coaching others and I would recommend anyone who is seeking clarity and direction in their life to seek out the gifts that Gary so generously offers. (Katharine Lavenhagen)

If experience speaks, I should have volumes to fill. In the past 44 years I have been an executive for a major insurance firm, a church planter, and founder of a stewardship firm serving nearly 500 major churches, helping them raise a billion dollars.

Dr. Gary Crawford is in his own class as a leader, coach and trainer. I have had the opportunity to closely observe this man in life’s most challenging situations for over 15 years. The most unique characteristic seems to be the ability to be a visionary leader while mobilizing leaders to accomplish extraordinary feats, with a collaborative management style.

As a trainer, I have observed Dr. Crawford in settings for a colosseum filled assembly, small group training, and one-on-one coaching. The components of Gary’s personality allow him to relate to those from all stations of life’s strata. A good listener, people are put at ease, making the training a naturally occurring event.

-Bill Price, Founder, Impact Stewardship

For more information about leadership coaching, visit GaryCrawfordLeadership.com. For inquiries or to request a free coaching session, email drgarylcrawford@gmail.com or call 352.226.0479.

Consider Gary Crawford Leadership Coaching!

Does this sound familiar?

…the loud whisper that says you are meant for more.

…the tug inside when you see someone living their passion and you want to do the same.

…the nagging feeling when you are working in the right place and at the right thing.

Coaching can help you catch and respond to that call.

Dr. Gary Crawford is certified as a Halftime Coach by the Bob Buford Halftime and a member of the International Coaching Federation. He is also pursuing certification with the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.


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"The coaching investment Dr. Crawford has made in my life as a leader has given me the confidence to become and do, accomplish and lead effectively."



Eddie P.

Staff Administrator 

"The power of personal growth is in applying simple truths with fanatical consistency. Gary not only shares simple but profound truths, he also walks with me to help me consistently apply them. In conflict situations I tended to become reserved and unwilling to share my thoughts. Gary has coached me to share my thoughts in healthy ways that have improved my marriage and work relationships within just a few weeks of meeting him. Gary has the wisdom to identify the core issues involved and how to directly resolve them."

Steve R. 

Coaching Client