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It was in the spring of 2000 - my first time with Johnny Hunt at Word of Life Argentina. We were there to teach and encourage the students and staff. We met and made friendships that have lasted nearly two decades. Last May I returned after 17 years, again with Johnny Hunt, to teach as part of Johnny's Timothy-Barnabas ministry. Our focus was leadership training for pastors, staff and others. This is a unique and wonderful contribution by Pastor Johnny to thousands of people around the world. We had the opportunity to teach 900 leaders along with students representing 37 countries. The stories of faith embedded in that experience deeply impacted my life and continues as a source of strength.

That May I was asked to return to Argentin...

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Billy Graham - one of a kind!! God’s gift to the nations - especially America. “On average one person makes a decision for Jesus Christ every minute through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.” (Raymond McHenry)

It started like this: In 1934, Mordecai Ham preached in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a great awakening took place. A farmer was deeply moved by the meetings, so he invited a group of his Christian friends to come spend a day in prayer at his farm. As they prayed, they felt compelled to ask God to raise up a man from their city to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. Although they didn't see an immediate answer to their prayer, the great awakening had begun. The farmer's teenage son was converted du...

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While engaged in ministry in Argentina, we’ve learned that another episode has occurred in our “culture of death” in America - the school shooting at the Parkland high school, 17 killed and others wounded. We simply cannot grasp the horror and loss that the families are experiencing. It will change them forever. But we do have clear guidance on what our response needs to be.

- LOOK at any way we participate in this culture of death and decide to no longer participate. Anger, hate, vulgar language, supportive of abortion that kills the most vulnerable, media that demeans, and attitudes and behaviors that lead to hopelessness and suicide. These are the seductive traps of the evil one that has come to "steal, kill and destr...

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For believers, the Holy Land is considered holy because of its association with the birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, whom Christians regard as the Savior or Messiah, and because it is the land of His people.

My former trip to Israel, now several years ago, left a deep imprint on my life. There is simply no substitute for being on site at the biblical places of the men and women of faith that shape our faith. There is no substitute for walking where Jesus walked, taught, healed, wept, died and rose from the dead.

As part of my own spiritual journey and as part of my ministry Gary Crawford Leadership Global, I would like for you to join me in this sacred land Oct 11-20, 2018. I believe it will broaden your knowledge an...

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Yes - a big difference! I am speaking of coaching. No, not counseling (therapy), or mentoring (shared experience), or consulting (shared expertise) but coaching (for more information, view my brochure).

Coaching holds that the best answer is to be found within the person and helps them find it through the use of specific skills. It empowers a person to become and do what they could not accomplish on their own.

It’s a great joy when I see transformation in the life and leadership of a person. As a Christian coach, the work goes hand in hand with a “transformed mind” (Romans 12:1-2). To see a new confidence, renewed hope and new dreams brings a deep satisfaction.

Recently, it was my privilege to lead the new CEO and newly el...

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It was in the desolate village of Instheum, Congo. I stopped that morning to speak to three children. They were digging for subterranean crickets, their food for the day - so I thought. That evening to our surprise the same crickets, now fried, were delivered and served as part of our dinner. My heart was deeply moved. That week God used us to bring medicine, training and the gospel to over 2,000 people.

A few weeks later God used us again to bring the gospel and food to the desperate Tharaka and Turkana people in the remote desert areas of Kenya.

Earlier this year, training in Argentina touched 900 people representing 37 countries.

Our work in church planting in Montreal will see churches strengthened in 2018.

By “we” I mean the...

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I am grateful for God's Wonderful Grace! Please click here to read our "end of year" report. Celebrate what God has done together through our work.

We appreciate your friendship, prayer and support. His best blessings to you!

Pastor Gary Crawford

My Grandad Dicks was the most positive force in my life growing up. I loved staying with him and my grandmother. Her cooking was wonderful, and I loved the farm, plowing, working with cattle, enjoying the horses and mules, and learning all the practical things that allowed them to survive and thrive during the years of the depression.

Memories of time with him and the things he taught me continue to bring wisdom, strength and encouragement into my life. One fall day when I went with him to “feed-up” the cattle, he made a statement that has stuck. I was standing in the back of his blue 1956 Ford truck, where I had been shuffling hay to the cows. My guess is I was 10-12 years old. He was standing by the tailgate. It was toward t...

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This Sunday is the opportunity to contribute to the Freda Crawford Scholarship Fund at Westside Baptist Church in Gainesville, Florida. For more information about Freda's heart for missions and the scholarship, click here.

If you do not attend Westside but would like to contribute, make a check payable to Westside Baptist Church and put "Freda Crawford Scholarship" in the memo line. Mail the check to

Westside Baptist Church

10000 West Newberry Road

Gainesville, FL 32606

Dr. Bengtson brings light into the darkness of depression. She speaks with experience both as a trained psychologist and as one who has made the journey through darkness herself. Her book Hope Prevails and the new study guide is most helpful in understanding and successfully moving through depression to hope.

I post her guest article because I believe in her work and her compassion and commitment to help others.


I must come to you today to ask your forgiveness. I seek your forgiveness on behalf of the church at large as well as on behalf of the mental health community. In many ways we have done you a disservice and let you down.

Every single day I encounter someone either in my private practice, or casually over coffe...

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